AmitCory became a trusted advisor for me as a first time home buyer. He was very flexible, patient, and helpful through the whole process. He toured countless listings with me as I figured out what I really wanted. It was essential having an experienced real estate professional while navigating through the world of REOs, Short sales, and poorly funded HOAs. Cory helped me negotiate a great deal in one of the best areas in Los Angeles.
-Amit S.

FrankI just completed the purchase of my first home with mr Mr. Holtzman acting as my agent. In spite of the fact that my sale was convoluted, Cory never let me feel like I was “going it alone”. He was always available to give clarity to any situation. He is a resilient advocate, and a skilled negotiator. I felt confident with Mr. Holtzman handling my business for me as he quickly earned my trust. Once my purchase had concluded, he continued to assist me with professional contractors and even referred me to a moving service. I am completely satisfied with my buying experience, and would not hesitate to recommend his services to my friends and family. As a transplanted New Yorker, (and a cynical one at that) I cannot offer a more glowing endorsement for Cory Holtzman. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
-Frank D.

soldI met Cory at a couple open houses in Santa Monica and quickly built a relationship with him. Cory was friendly and easy to talk to, and I liked that Cory was in Santa Monica selling condos and knew the area well. As I then worked with him on my condo purchase, Cory was quick to respond to emails or call me back when I had questions or wanted to put in an offer. It took me a long tome to find a condo, being outbid a few times, and Cory was patient throughout the whole time and kept a positive attitude. Cory was always talking to the selling agents and getting more information to help me along the process. Cory is a very good realtor and I am glad he represented me in buying my condo. Thanks Cory!
-Jun K.

soldWhen I was first looking into buying a house I was a little concerned; how was I going to look at houses, deal with all the paperwork, get a loan, upgrading the home, while still working full time and handling all my other commitments? My answer… Cory Holtzman. Cory was really amazing about explaining everything to me so I knew what to expect and I didn’t have any surprises. The personal attention I received from Cory was unreal, from looking at homes on weekend or after I got off from work, to having documents sent to my phone so I could electronically sign them remotely, or always being just a phone call away to answer any questions I had, I was always his priority. After we found the home that was right for me, Cory found a tenant to lease my condo where I was currently living. I was so impressed how fast Cory leased my condo and he did it before I made my first mortgage payment on the new house I had just purchased with Cory. Cory negotiated an amazing deal on my new home; purchase price, credits and repairs, Cory got me a lot more than I ever thought was possible. Cory also helped me with all the updates and renovations on my new home. I figured Cory is in the business he probably knows people that could do some of the updates the home needed. I never expected him to get me multiple bids, help me with ideas, and even drove out multiple times to check on the workers progress. He even helped me pick out the colors for walls!!!Most agents would disappear as soon as the deal was closed but then again Cory is not most agents. I truly was so impressed with Cory and I highly recommend his services. THANK YOU CORY!
-Moshe S.

lohiIn a down market Cory was able to sell my house for more than I bought it for! He’s extremely reliable and will work until he gets the job done. I highly recommend him you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Cory!
-Lohi L.

soldI’ve known Cory for a very long time – decades, even – but when my wife and I were looking to buy a condo in the Bay Area, we had lots of options insofar as agents to contact. Even though we were in Northern California, and he was in Southern California, Cory was our #1 choice. The reason is simple: he is impeccably detail-oriented, almost to a point that could seem neurotic on a daily basis! But when it comes to buying property, that same attention to the finest points of the transaction is not only an asset, but a comfort to all concerned. Every “I” is dotted, every “T” crossed, yet Cory’s advice is practical and understanding that the perfect buying (or selling) opportunity may not come along everyday – the transaction needs to be closed, but carefully, not hastily.

Cory also balances the business and emotional motivations associated with property, making him the perfect partner for a young couple looking for their first home; or a small business owner looking to buy a space that can serve double-duty as a home and office. I’d recommend him hands-down again, even for a transaction that isn’t necessarily in his local territory: when it came time to partner with someone who had local knowledge, he vetted the agent for me and turned out to be spot-on.

-Jonathon F.

SimonI could not have been more pleased with my experience working with Cory Holtzman. As a first time home-buyer, I needed someone who could patiently guide me through the process, someone I felt I could trust and was giving me the straight talk. I felt that Cory brought these qualities to the table, along with an extensive level of experience in all fields of real estate and a vast network of contacts. Throughout the process, I felt that Cory was knowledgeable, easy to get a hold of, and willing to find out the information that was important to me. I would recommend Cory to any friends and family who are interested in buying or selling a home in Los Angeles.
-Simon F.

MicheleI have worked with Cory twice – on my purchase of my first townhouse and subsequent sale. He is knowledgeable about the residential real estate market. He is very patient and a good communicator and made my first time home buying experience a smooth one. He gets the job done and he is a skilled negotiator. I would highly recommend him as your realtor.
-Michele L.